Thai Movies to Watch

Thai Movies to Watch

Thai movies are some of the best Thai movies ever made. Most people have heard of the “hemorrhoid scenes” that were cut out of the movie, but you also have to consider all the other scenes that make Thai movies so much fun to watch. These other scenes range from the funny ones like when the bad guy is pushed over the edge of a cliff and falls into a crevasse, to the incredibly funny ones like when the girl at the wedding realizes that her groom has a problem with his hemorrhoid. In fact, the only thing that Thai movies have some competition for is the time when Princess Leia had her hair done in bunches and struts her stuff on the big screen. Let’s look at some more fun facts about Thai movies.

There are more than two thousand movies between the years 1997 and 2021 that are available on DVD. If you are not sure if any of the Thai movies are good, you might just have to head on over to the Internet and do a little bit of online research. The best thing about Thai movies is that many of them have been screened more than a dozen times and many of them have won several awards at international film festivals. Of course, not all of these movies are made by big studios or Hollywood producers. Many of the small independent Thai movie producers simply put up their own websites and try to get their movies shown in local movie houses.

A particularly good genre of Thai movies ดูหนังฟรี that has emerged is the fairy tale movie. These are very easy to find on the internet and they are always great to see. There is even an animated version of a fairy tale movie that was produced a few years back that featured a whole lot of humor. I recommend checking out the one called “The Pirate’s Apprentice”.

Another great Thai movie that I would suggest checking out is called the Legend of the Three Pillars. This is basically an epic story about the last of the three Pillars that was Buddha. Although there are a lot of Hollywood types thrown into this movie in order to make it “cool”, the story is extremely unique and it deserves to be seen just for that. Besides, it’s a great movie.

Other than that, Thailand has a number of other great movies I would recommend checking out as well. One movie that is a little older, but nevertheless excellent is the remake of The bounty Hunter with Steve McQueen. I also highly recommend Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Another movie I really enjoy is Hero. I’m a huge action movie fan so I usually try and avoid comedies, but this one was a real treat to watch.

Overall, Thai movies are some of the best you can get on DVD. You’ll find some classics, and many of the newer ones are excellent. Pick your favorite and enjoy!

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